Deeplink is a board game currently under construction that is a renovation of the battling-a-squad-of-dudes-on-a-map genre of board games. Co-created by myself and fellow game designer Eric Hillstrom, it is a miniatures game where 2-4 players battle a squad of unique digital avatars in virtual reality in a cyberpunk future. We created a game that overhauls the genre by vastly reducing the intimidating complexity miniatures games are known for, as well as reducing the playtime and introducing a unique card combat system and a lot of lore and backstory for every character. 

We are currently in the middle of testing and balancing for this game, and are working on getting it published in the next year, either through a publisher or taking it to Kickstarter. Below are some different game component designs. (The portraits on the avatar cards are just placeholders. I am currently looking for an illustrator for them.)
Each game board is labelled to be multi-use, allowing for different game modes such as control point, capture the flag, and even an asymmetrical attack-defense mode.
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